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I am Charla Yvonne...wife, mother of four, teacher to my children, friend, and Christ follower. ♥

Not sure why this image pulls at my heartstrings so strongly, but it just really, really does. 

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Anonymous asked:

Lately I've had no motivation for school. I am 18 and I just feel over it. I only have a few months left but I don't have the will to finish all my work. I think I've given up. I just want to be free from school because I hate it so much:(

I know it’s hard when you’re nearing the end to finish strong but I really think you will regret it if you just give up now. Think of all the time and effort you’ve put into your years of schooling! Wouldn’t it be great to finish well and be proud of what you’ve done rather than let things slide and have a mediocre finish? You have a few months left…that’s not so much really. You can do it! Apply yourself and finish strong…I’m sure you will be glad you did!

Tim Coulson
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