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I am Charla Yvonne...wife, mother of four, teacher to my children, friend, and Christ follower. ♥
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I recently got into a debate with a friend and my significant other on evolution. The friend said he believes in humans evolving based on science (snakehead eel) and my significant other doesn't believe it at all and became a jerk when I voiced my opinion that I believe in what the Bible says mixed with some science. He told me since I believe in a form of evolution, I must not believe in God which really hurt. I believe God created all things, but change can happen. What are your thoughts?

Hi, dear. There are some things we aren’t going to know completely until we see Jesus. And frankly it’s not worth the argument in my opinion. I believe in creation and I know there are some Christians who believe in creation mixed with evolution. Most people have a firm opinion on these things and won’t usually change their minds based on another person’s argument. What people should remember however is that they should still be kind even when they don’t agree.

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The secret to joy is to keep seeking God where we doubt He is.
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